Prashanth Narayanan, CCIE #53472


Thanks to Brian and Mark, two amazing instructors for DC, I was able to pass my Lab on the first attempt. I thought all hope was lost when I failed my written the first time; then I went through the videos, workbooks, and documentations to be even more prepared. Once I passed my written, I felt like I was much closer to passing the Lab. Then I spent majority of time reviewing documentations and once again all the videos. I watched and re-watched many of the videos thanks to the All Access Pass. I wish I had the time to go the Bootcamp, which would've been very good. But I was still able to pass the lab with the videos and the workbooks. Thank You INE... INE Rocks!!

- Prashanth Narayanan, CCIE #53472 (CCIE Data Center)

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