Prakash Kalsaria, CCIE #28114


Well It is wonderful to see a "PASS" word on screen for CCIE SP lab score passing a CCIE in third attempt have made a success more sweat, It is Real help from IEOC community to gain knowledge and pass the Exam...... Well it all started 2 yrs ago June 2009 for the written exam .. and than DEC 09 Attempt made me realize how tough it can go ..... i really needed to give much detail understanding to the some part of blueprint, and Than At OCT 2010 i thought i was ready and i will get pass this time, But exam was 1 step ahead of me, now announcement was out for SPv3. So NO dates :( i was really looking out for dates every day and same time i found a date of 2nd FEB ... I was really happy to get date, Now the time was to read a OEQ's what I have made a Card on a small piece of paper and the lab portion i have to revise it every day and see what part i can make mistake end of January it really worth all this month of studies and Knowledge, i really made some friends and got a whole huge bunch of knowledge.... Thanks to IEOC community {Scott, two Brain, Anthony} familly {Wife, uncle, mom, brother, sister},,,...... {From u i got inspiration of creating a blog}, Praveen, sandeep, Kiran, Avinash, Sagar, Prasad. Thanks all of them! Prakash Kalsaria CCIE# 28114

- Prakash Kalsaria, CCIE #28114 (CCIE Service Provider)

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