Plinio Monteiro Brandao, CCIE #46031


I took my exam in December and I got my number in my first attempt. I started my journey on Sep/2013 with many books, exercises, workbooks and labs. From Sep/2013 to Apr/2014 I was dedicating 2h per day and 8h on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. From May/2014 to Jul/2014 it was 4h per day and 8h on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Finally, from Aug/2014 to Nov/2014 I was studying 4-6h per day and 12h-14h on Saturdays and Sundays. I also attend to INE bootcamp in December and in the end of the month, took my lab exam. This was really a very good experience. During the bootcamp I was able to improve my concepts and double checked that everything that I've learned reading the books and watching all videos available on AAP was fresh in my mind. Finally, I'd like to thank all INE instructors: Brian M. , Dave Smith, Brain D. My thanks to all INE members that helped me in this achievement. The bootcamp was perfect and Dave is really a monster (in a good way).

- Plinio Monteiro Brandao, CCIE #46031 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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