Phill Day, CCIE #19190


My story starts in October 2007 after I had just passed my CCIE R&S (thanks again to INE!) I started to learn VOIP from the absolute basics. I bought my own lab with all the routers switches and servers. My job got in the way of studying too often, but I did a lot with UC during my day job anyway. In my spare time I studied the INE Class on Demands, and later the Mark Snow 'Deep Dives' (which without exception are the best classes on the market today) in 2008 I attended a boot camp headed by Mark from which I also gained a lot. I took my first lab attempt early last year, and let nerves get the best of me. Some failed attempts later (mostly down to not reading questions thoroughly and not verifying configs) I went to Brussels again on Monday this week. I finished the lab in about 6 hours with a couple of snags. I fixed the snags and tested everything with about 2 minutes to spare! The result came through yesterday, and I'm still not down from my cloud. Many many thanks to INE, without whom I'd just be a 'skilled voice consultant' rather than a 'CCIE Voice!'

- Phill Day, CCIE #19190 (CCIE Voice)

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