Philip Alvic M. Cagunot, CCIE #48899


June 3, 2015 I passed my CCIE DC. INE's materials are the tools for my CCIE DC success. I also attended a 10 day bootcamp delivered by Mark Snow somewhere in Costa Mesa, LA. Mark did a good job in explaining the DC technologies under the DC blueprint. It was my 2nd attempt before I got my precious number. For those planning to take the Lab, notepad is very useful to speed up ur configuration on every task. Get more lab hours and practice the core topics like Fabricpath, OTV, VPC, HSRP, MST, FcoE, NPV, NPIV, 1000v, UCSM... etc... Thanks to INE... cheers & more power...

- Philip Alvic M. Cagunot, CCIE #48899 (CCIE Data Center)

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