Peng Zheng, CCIE #13584


Hi Guys, I finally got my CCIE Voice. I took it yesterday 10/17/2011 and just checked the status. It always took me more attempts to get my CCIE. There is nobody around can study together wih me for all my CCIEs. When I worked on my first CCIE (R&S) in 2001, I don't know a lot about Cisco devices yet. I don't have any other cisco certificate. I just bought books and bought some Cisco 25xx routers (there was no dynamips yet) to study. I think the most dfficult part of CCIE Lab is non-disclosure rule. When I failed my first two attempts, I was very frustraed because Idon't know what is the correct answer. Things had been changed since I found Internetworkexperts (INE). I think they provide the best product in the world if you want to become a real CCIE (not a paper one). I tried some other materials, but the problem is the answers are not so clear as INE's. Their step-by-step solution guide let you know what you are doing. Anyway, I failed so many times because self-study for CCIE is really hard. But I will say that I wll never pass all my CCIEs without INE. Brian Dennis, Brian McGahan, Petr Lapukhov and Mark Snow are so knowledgable to help people like me to get their CCIEs. Thank you all. Next, I will go after CCIE SP, I already purchased their CCIE SP's materials, I am waiting for their version 3.0 update. I believe the quality of the update is worth to wait. Good luck to everyone. Thanks. Peng Zheng

- Peng Zheng, CCIE #13584 (CCIE Voice)

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