Paul George, CCIE #54666


CCIE is not just a dream its an emotion where INE plays a crucial role. I have started by journey starting with INE videos in understanding the concept, after that I have purchased the workbooks which built my base to networking. The scenario based workbooks really clears you the concept and stabilizes you in the long run. The practice gave me a bundle of confidence and expertise in Routing and Switching. The IEOC forums helped me in clearing my doubts and stabilizing my concepts. I strongly recommend INE. It was never an easy journey for me, it took me nearly 2 years of dedicated preparation and focus in achieving this dream. The difficult part in this journey is to overcome our failures and move forward strongly. With gods grace I was lucky to have a supporting family and a super group which guided me all the way to my number. Thanks a lot INE and keep up the good work, I will be choosing you for my future tracks.

- Paul George, CCIE #54666 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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