Patrick Lloyd, CCIE #39750


I started out training with another vendor, mostly doing their labs and watching some of their videos, but found myself only learning based on the language of the labs, and having to go back and review documentation which was typically confusing and, on the whole, uninformative. Learning in this manner doesn't prepare you for the inevitable alternate wording which you may never experience implementation of with this training material. I was originally given the INE videos by a friend, which got me hooked. The Advanced Technologies Class videos were, and still are, the corner stone of my CCIE education. However, this doesn't only include the R&S ATC videos, but when the need for studying for the security section of the exam or MPLS portion of the exam, I have often used the All Access Pass to its fullest extent, reviewing technologies in a different environment, but to learn the technology from its roots. The workbooks, simply put, are outstanding. Workbook 1's attention to detail and exhaustive exploration of everything from basic switching and spanning tree to PfR, MPLS, BGP, and SNMP in all its versions has been not only helpful to me in my studies, but has also provided for examples I can configure and work through with customers for their own environment's needs. Workbook 2 and the subsequent graded mock labs and troubleshoot labs prepare an exam taker for what the actual lab feels like, putting you in the mind set of a successful candidate and helping build stamina. Finally, I can't say enough about the "everyday" resources that INE provides. The boot camp that Brian Dennis taught in NYC last September, not only built up my motivation to get ready for the exam after a bit of time just studying technologies, but also (apparently) has the habit of blowing participants' minds with how much there is to really learn to be ready for the CCIE exam. Small things like redistribution which are commonly taught incorrectly by other vendors, or implemented incorrectly in environments, are clarified and explained why they are incorrect. It's no longer giving a man a fish, it's teaching him how and why to fish. Brian is approachable and answers questions in the configure-verify-break-troubleshoot cycle to ensure candidates have the skills to approach the needs of the troubleshooting section of the exam. The INE posts by Petr, Brian M, Brian D, and ongoing video lectures given to all access pass members have been instrumental in my learning of technologies which are commonly misunderstood or not well documented until experiencing them on the exam. I just want to thank all of the INE team for their help in my success. Without the materials and resources provided in the INE in depth training program, I would never have been able to get to where I am today.

- Patrick Lloyd, CCIE #39750 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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