Patricio Villar, CCIE #29890


Dear friends of INE, Im proud to announce that i cleared last week the R&S track in San Pablo, Brasil. I studied with your excellent self paced products Vol1 and VolIV, for those that dont know these, is all that you need to pass. My first attempt was a long time ago in 2009, and i fail because my time management strategy was not good. In 2010 i decided to finish my degree in Electronic Engineering (here in Argentina a degree in Engineering is extense has 6 years!), and cleared that in December, and immediatly decided to re-start with CCIE, that was my pending stuff. My company doesnt give me free hours to study nor economic support in study material, so i taked the night hours (and cheap) of racks to study, and sleep in the afternoon after work. All of those doesnt matter when you receive the congrats e-mail of cisco!! is a really happy day, so i really want to thank to all the people who develop this excellent material: Petr, Brian(s), Mark, Anthony (and i really hope to know soon), and my family and friends that supports me in my large absences of study, All the best friends!! Patricio.-

- Patricio Villar, CCIE #29890

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