Pape O. Fall, CCIE #48357


My name is Pape O. Fall. I work for Petrobras America Inc as a Network Engineer. My dad said "If you were to measure determination till you reach its limits, that's where yours starts". I'm sharing that story with you not to brag but to pave the storyline as I describe where I came from and how I got here. I'm originally from West Africa, precisely Senegal. I've been in the US for about 10 years and could not speak a word of English when I got here. I took Mechanical Engineering courses back home (High School) and I was pretty good at it. My dream was to pursue my career in that direction and earn a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. Unfortunately (and fortunately at the same time), I received a full scholarship because of my 4.0 GPA at Wiley College which did NOT have Mechanical Engineering as a program. I ended up doing Computer Science which I loved dearly growing up. My dad bought me a computer at a young age and I found myself felling in love with it. After my bachelors degree, I needed to specialize in either Networking or Programming which was a bit of a dilemma because I liked both. After doing my due diligence in terms of choosing the right path for me, Cisco seemed to be inline with my perspectives and future goals. I did not hesitate and never regretted it. I've designed and deployed complex solutions for several companies thus far and THANKS to INE as they played a huge role in my technical capacities. Brian has a unique way of delivering the CCIE materials. I've studied specific materials from different vendors, but if you really want to hit peak level in terms of grasping the technology from L1 to L7, what happens in the background, how the control plane is built and the forwarding plane is constructed... INE is by far the best. I would recommend INE to anyone and I've just bought the All Access Pass as I plan on using INE materials for the remaining of my CCIEs. Regards, Pape Fall

- Pape O. Fall, CCIE #48357 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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