Osama Saeed, CCIE #38590


From the first day I joined the networking field I was dreaming by being a CCIE the biggest prize for every network engineer as in the final interview at NOOR ISP in Egypt the director asked my, how do you see your self in 3 years, I answered I will be a CCIE. After finishing my CCIP on June 2011 I started immediately studying CCIE SPv3 which was totally different in topics than CCIP, so it was like studying from scratch and the version was very new also everyone was afraid to attempt this version due to XR stuff. but that didn't get me down at all. After reading many books about the new techs to me and practicing it all on Dynamips I was waiting INE to announce the Rack Rentals for SP racks and it was the biggest thing INE had offered to all of us as INE was the first and only the one who offered SPv3 racks. I purchased the workbook and many tokens and then started practicing more and more and more, INE blog and forums were so much useful to me during my journey as I could ask and get answers immediately. I went to Brussels full with confidence before my exam by 2 nights and used to check INE forum. Thanks INE stuff and forum members, you were my key to success.

- Osama Saeed, CCIE #38590 (CCIE Service Provider)

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