Osama Khan, CCIE #40635


I passed my CCIE Service Provider lab on November 20th, 2013 in my first attempt and i was able to complete the lab without any hiccups, all thanks to INE outstanding training material and solid training staff (A big shout out to Mr. Brian McGahan!) INE training materials were one of the key factors leading to my success. The workbooks and video tutorials gave me a solid foundation and grasp on different technologies that were incorporated in the lab exam which helped me prepare for all the possible scenarios and ways of troubleshooting them independently. This greatly increased my way of approach towards a solution, troubleshooting analysis and speed at the same time. Practicing hands-on, full-length labs and using a systematic approach in solving the lab for any track is very crucial. Again, I am really thankful to INE for all the high quality training!

- Osama Khan, CCIE #40635 (CCIE Service Provider)

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