Noorullah Tareen, CCIE #16023


Mine is old story now, it was 2006 when I passed the RS lab when there was no dynamips :) So had to have rack of 12 real routers turned on every morning. Thanks is long due to INE (then called Internetwork expert). I am from Quetta, (Pishin district), province Balochistan, Pakistan. I was the first one from the whole province (state) to become CCIE back in 2006, and I guess I am still the only one uptill now. I am saying this so my fellow country men get their courage together and go for CCIEs and master architect. Thank you Brians Dennis and Brian McGahan as I learned lots of concepts from you guys and I am against any experts who got there without having strong packet header level concpets. The objective should be the feelings of acheivement not just a tag for a better package. I wish good luck to all who are striving for this goal and urge them never to give up.

- Noorullah Tareen, CCIE #16023 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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