Nikoloz Katsitadze, CCIE #29788


Finally i passed the CCIE exam from my second attempt. The main reason why i failed my first attempt was incorrect time management. For my second attempt i started to use INE workbooks Volume I, II and IV. Volume 1 Technology Labs helped me to get much more in-depth logics in each concepts and with the excellent solutions provided with it. Volume 2 Full SuperLabs provided a excellent platform to improve my speed and accuracy in doing full length labs. Volume 4 Labs will test your entire troubleshooting skills and also the steps with respect to troubleshooting each technology. I also used webinars available from INE. All this products taught me the best time management methods and techniques how to deal with lab exam. At my second attempt i successfully passed the exam. Thank you INE very much. Nikoloz Katsitadze CCIE R&S 29788

- Nikoloz Katsitadze, CCIE #29788 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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