Nick O'Neill, CCIE #42945


Since a couple of friends convinced me to join the Network Team 14 years ago and hearing their stories about gaining the CCIE certification it was always something to aspire to. About 3 and half years ago I felt ready to begin my CCIE journey. I started slowly working through some of the reading materials and playing around in GNS3. A year into my studies I began working through workbooks from another provider. I felt I was ready to try the Lab and scheduled my first lab for July 2013. I was not successful but when I look back I was not ready. I did not pass until my third attempt in March 2014 but each time I found small gaps in my understanding and my troubleshooting techniques. I would like to thank INE and especially the two Brians (or Brains). I joined INE as an All Access Pass subscriber which lead to me purchasing Workbooks, Rack Rentals, Troubleshooting Labs and Mock Labs. The Video and Workbook contents are excellent as they go into each topic in incredible detail and they played a huge role in my understanding of key concepts. The video content is so good it can be used as audio training also. I took the Brians with me everywhere. Bike rides, walks, car journeys, household chores and even in the shower! The rack rentals which include the normal racks, Troubleshooting Racks and Mock Labs were all also excellent and they all played a vital role in achieving my dream of becoming a CCIE. INE offer the most complete training solution and I would have no hesitation using INE again or recommending them to anyone.

- Nick O'Neill, CCIE #42945 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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