Nendy Hernandez, CCIE #27479


Hello INE, I passed my CCIE RS back in November 2010. All I used was INE to pass my CCIE exam. The journey took me about a year during which I took about two month of vacation. Anthony Sequeira was very helpful to me all the time and the sales team at INE was always great. In my personal experience I have to say that being organized during the test is key to success. After four Mock Labs attempts with INE and not being able to get more than 80 points in any of them I realized that I needed to be very organized and focused to details. I spent the last month of my studies just focusing on my strategy and it worked. I remember that when I took the real test I spent more than an hour just reading the test and taking notes and I finished the whole Lab by 2:00 pm and had about 3 hours to double check everything. At this time I'm just starting my studies for the CCIE Voice and I'll use INE again. Thank You for all your help. regards, Nendy Hernandez CCIE 27479

- Nendy Hernandez, CCIE #27479

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