Nandakishor Yeolekar, CCIE #27121


HI Guys, Last week I passed my CCIE-SP lab. My number is 27121. And all credit goes to my wife Sandhya and my son Sanmay. It tested their patience. It is my wife who pursue more than me. I robbed their quality family time which I am supposed to allocate them. In fact I attended bootcamp in RENO for R&S. Anthony really explained very well @ BGP diagrams. Thanks to him a lot. Its a long journey to reach this level. But most of my time I worked for service providers and system integrators, SO I decided to go for SP rather than R&S. Now I will prepare for R&S OR VOICE. Lets see how things go.... I can't advise anybody how to study !! as everybody has got his/her own way for studies. Only one thing I can say is keep it up. Not to forget... I will visit RENO again... Cheers, Nandu

- Nandakishor Yeolekar, CCIE #27121 (CCIE Service Provider)

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