Muhammed Akyuz, CCIE #24276


I have joined the networking area in 2007. I started as junior network engineer at middle size of Bank. After 6 months later, bank management decided to move the bank building to another area and my big journey started. My manager gave me the project to move all network equipment and build new network infrastructure at new building. I have experienced so many things during that time. After that, i had spare time to study. I started to work on Internetwork Expert RS volume 1 workbook. It took 6 months to finish Volume 1. And i have entered the written exam and passed it. I scheduled the lab exam three months away. During that time i have finished Volume 2 workbooks and i have read so many configuration guides. I have entered the lab exam in may 2009 at Dubai. When i started to lab, everything was easy. ı have finished 2 hours before and left the exam immediately to catch the flight. I came home next day in the morning and checked the result. It was saying "PASSED". I told the news to my wife and my friends.. after that, i quit the bank and now i am working for a Cisco Partner. Thank you Internetwork Expert.. You are the #1, in this business..

- Muhammed Akyuz, CCIE #24276 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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