Muhammad Zubair Munir, CCIE #40011


I have passed my CCIE DC Lab Exam on 2nd of June in Dubai 1st of all Thanks to Almighty ALLAH, Who gave me strength and courage to study & work hard to achieve this goal. And all credit goes to INE and my elder Brothers Muhammad Tayyab Munir (2xCCIE) and Muhammad Tahir Munir (3xCCIE).
I used INE workbook and video training's to understand the technology & to practice. INE Workbook is a really big asset, useful even for every day work and really helpful. Without those INE WBs, it would have been very tough for me to pass the lab. INE?s materials gave me a solid foundation on different technologies that played a big role in passing my LAB exam.
I could not have completed this journey without the INE.
It?s a complete package that helped me to prepare and passing my exam.
Special Thanks to Brian McGahan and Mark Snow for excellent explanation of Nexus, UCS and Storage technologies!!
Thank you INE team for providing excellent workbook and video trainings. Your products combined have assisted me greatly in passing the Lab and earning my 2xCCIE. I am more than impressed with the talent at INE and their contribution as trusted divisors to my success.

- Muhammad Zubair Munir, CCIE #40011 (CCIE Data Center)

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