CCIE Routing & Switching -

Mohammad Shadab Abbasi

CCIE Routing & Switching #22893

I finally passed my Routing & Switching Lab Exam this week. It was my second one after Collaboration. I would like to thanks INE for their amazing training modules. The advanced technology VoDs and the LABs are awesome and they really helped me to pass this exam. I cleared it in my second sitting. I learned a few things from my first attempt that I would like to share: For troubleshooting, I'd to go through some additional tech notes on CCO. I highly suggest everyone to start using sniffer/packet capture application within your lab to see how the packets transmitting (order of operation) and what the packets are containing. This will surely help in enhancing your troubleshooting skills as well as help in diagnostic section. Good luck to those who are on their way to crack this exam. Trust me its doable!!!


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