Mohamed Osama Saad Abosree, CCIE #29468


I would like to start my story first by saying thanks everyone who had helped me with my journey for CCIE. I really have a wonderful family and friends at work, who gave me a great support for achieving it. I mentioned not that not because I appreciate their help but because this is the solution for achieving your CCIE or even any Certificate in your career path. At Some Stages of studying you would feel that you can?t do it or you can?t study all these amount of hours, Videos, Labs. And at the time you should really talk with them to encourage you and tell you that you can do it. Yes CCIE is not only about Studying but Part of it resides in your mind ,self-confidence. People Pass CCIE can pass from first time because they are confident with their skills and that they can solve any complicated issue or Network Problem. Never concentrate much about the people who failed the exam and how much it can be. Only concentrate on 1 thing; you can pass the lab and finish your studies on time. Also It?s True that people can tell you that you can?t do something not because it?s really hard but because they can?t achieve it by themselves or even they don?t want you to do it. So always trust your inside feeling, be confident with your skills and start studying, never let anything stop you or block your way for success. As you know CCIE R&S consist of 2 parts: 2 hours of Troubleshooting, then 6 hours of Configuration. You need to be really prepared for both sections of the exam; I could find people fail the Lab because they had only prepared for Configuration and leave troubleshooting section for the Lab itself. In My Opinion this is not good, You need to be prepared for both sections. There are many Vendors Workbooks for Both Troubleshooting and Configuration. For me I used Nabrick TS Tickets, They are Well designed, Organized and challenging Problems to Solve. For Configuration Section I used INE Vol 1 & 2. You need to be really familiar with Every Topic in INE Vol 1. Do it more than 2 Times. The best Way to remember technology is by Labing and practicing it. If you feel that you forget something , no problem just go on your plan , complete your studies and at First chance you find yourself free, try to redo that topics and believe me the only way to remember any technology or config is only by labing it till your hands get used to it. My CCIE Journey completed approximately in 1 Year and I passed from my first attempt in Dubai. The Flight was perfect but I couldn?t study so much at the hotel. At that time you can?t stop thinking about the Exam, how it would look like, I will pass the lab or not ?.etc.  So I recommend just calm down and try to watch any movie. For the night before my Lab I watched a comedy movie before I sleep. I couldn?t sleep early so I preferred to watch TV rather than start thinking about the lab and be nervous. During My Lab, the proctor was so nice and helpful, Just try to learn how to ask him in proper way because the proctor should feel that you understand the question and the answer and you need his help for clarifying the right solution that needed to be applied. Also Try to focus on the Watch during the Lab, Focus on TS section that the time is equally divided between each Ticket. For the ticket you don?t know just escape it and go for the other till you finish them then go back for that one. For Configuration Section, Put your plan, draw your diagrams if needed, you can find colored pencils at your disk and couple of papers. CCIE is so hard but you can pass it, if not from the first time, then from the second, if not then from the 3rd time. Don?t give up hope. Just Learn From your mistakes and study in a proper technique that really helps and suitable you. I wish the best Luck for Every Candidate who is preparing for CCIE and I hope to read more success stories soon  Thanks

- Mohamed Osama Saad Abosree, CCIE #29468 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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