Michael Nabutali, CCIE #28640


Hello INE and fellow networks, My day finally came on April 13 in Dubai when i passed my RS lab to become CCIE 28640 Before i go further, i dedicate this CCIE to a close friend of mine (Charles Kabwe) who died in his sleep in johannesburg, South Africa a few days after completing his Masters Degree in Telecommunication Engineering at Oxford Brook University in the UK. May his soul rest in peace. Most importantly, i thank God for giving me the grace and courage to go on in this journey which was very demanding in terms of time, resources, and overall dedication. Special thanks to my fiance also who stood with me after leaving formal employment fo complete the CCIE Off-course, i may not have atained the CCIE without the excellent workbooks, blogs, VoDs and free resources from INE. I mostly used Vol I, Vol II and the R/S ATCoD. The INE workbooks are very through in explaining the technology to great detail. I have to say that having taken the version 4 exam more than once, i would "guarantee" anyone who does at least Vol I extensively, at least 10 Vol II labs throughly(and peruses through the remaining 10) and then takes a few mock labs should be able to pass on first attempt I will not go into detail on strategy for the exam because INE has extensive resources to help anyone on this joruney to become a CCIE. Furthermore, there have been really excellent posts on this forum on other candidates who passed hence i wont bore people with strategies and tips for passing the exam. The last thing i will say is that in my opinion (without breaking the Cisco NDA), the troubleshooting questions have become much more complex (based on exam i took). To pass the troubleshooting alone, a candidate needs to understand the technology very well, be very good at knowing tricks to test and verify tasks. Also, the questions are partially ambigious hence to correctly solve, a candidate must know exactly how the technology works and does not work Once again, thanks to all the people who make posts on this great forum. After i have rested for a while, i hope to pursue CCIE Security

- Michael Nabutali, CCIE #28640 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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