Mattie Kavanagh, CCIE #16407


Passed the CCIE R&S lab in Brussels on 19th June 2006 to become CCIE#16407. Huge thanks to Internetwork Expert and especially the two Brians for putting together absolutely brilliant training solutions.  The CoD and the Lab workbooks are essential training tools.  Tried one other vendor first but it was a frustrating experience to say the least, my advice to all students out there is to just go with IE. Planning is the key to passing!! Sounds obvious but you must spend time planning your study, this involves knowing when to do labs and when to study individual technologies, basically you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  Simply doing lab after lab will not work.  Crucially plan your exam taking approach, you need to have your full routine down before stepping into the lab, you have enough to think about on the day and you need to move quickly. I see the guys are now putting together workbooks for VOICE and SP, that's tempting.

- Mattie Kavanagh, CCIE #16407 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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