Matthew Martinez, CCIE #42200


Hello INE, I used several of your products to achieve the CCIE in Routing & Switching. I started with the R&S ATC videos, and completed workbook 1 using rack rentals as well as my own hybrid GNS3 routers/hardware switching environment which mirrored the INE topology. I used rack rentals heavily for volumes 2 and 3 as it was very convenient to be able to rapidly spin up a lab environment with the configs ready to go. I also really like being able to save my config if I was in the middle of a lab when my session ended, and being able to reload it on another rack at a later time to finish. I was able to get a great foundation of knowledge to prepare for the CCIE using INE materials, and have acquired the AAP and am planning on continuing to use INE for the DC track. Thanks, Matt Martinez CCIE #42200

- Matthew Martinez, CCIE #42200 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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