Marko Tanaskovic, CCIE #36555


I have been involved on security-related projects for the last five years, and have had the opportunity to participate in various projects regarding enterprise class security solutions, as well as performing maintenance/tech support duties and onsite training. I have held the CCSP certification, which has been retired. I felt that I had the experience and knowledge to attempt to pass the CCIE Security Exam. Several of my colleagues have used and are using the services of INE, and have recommended INE as a good provider of training services. I purchased the CCIE Security Ultimate bundle which came with an iPad, and started working immediately. In my opinion, the workbooks provided by INE are very good, as they provided some new and some different insights into the subjects related to security. The iPad was extremely useful when it came to watching the bootcamp and class on demand sessions. The lab experience was invaluable, as it provided me with conditions similar to the exam, and enabled me to develop proper tactics and strategy for the exam. When the exam day came, I felt relaxed and confident in myself and my knowledge, took on the exam and passed it on my first attempt.

- Marko Tanaskovic, CCIE #36555 (CCIE Security)

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