Mark Stephanus, CCIE #23887


Dear All My Friends, I cannot believe as today I Pass my Lab EXAM on mobile lab in my own country Indonesia. This is actually my second attempt. First of all I want to thank God to make this happen, My Wife and My Twin Children. My Father , mother and my sister. And to My Friend Tumpal Tamba for his hospitality to help me, My Friend Ronny Kurniawan to always give me hope and answering a lot of my silly question. And Of Course to my amazing Mentor Mr. Narbik Kocharians. My Friend Dale Shaw , Mark, Venu, thanks to you all for answering my question. And to Hobbs and all my friend in GS that I cannot mention one by one, thank you very much for your help, Really appreciate it. I begin My Journey on November 24th 2007 as I pass my CCIE written. It's actually my friend Ronny and Mr Tumpal that encourage me to get this Certification as before I believe It is impossible to do it. After I pass my written, I use CBT Nuggets --> Jeremy, really nice guy and start my first IEWB WORKBOOK. After that I take 5 mocklab of IEWB and all I got score under 50 (embarassing huh...). And After a lot of thought and saving all this money, I encourage my self to get my first attempt at Sydney on December 18th 2008. In my first attempt, I feel got 50-50 chance to pass, but the result is failed. I got shock for all I have sacrificed for this CCIE attempt and get this failed report. Anyway, after got back to my country, I have news on GS tell me that Narbik's class gonna be in Sydney in Jan 2009. So I got back to Sydney once again, with a lot of hope but few of money :) And I attend Narbik's bootcamp and It's really a great bootcamp. Believe me on this. So , after that bootcamp, I scheduled my second attempt in Jakarta on 20 March 2009. So here we are today, as I have read all CCIE candidate who pass the exam in GS said will be e-mailed by cisco with e-mail subject "COngratulation, Your are PASS". But today I have e-mailed only subjected "your ccie lab has been scored". I said Oh, my GOD I failed again this time, I knew it. And my wife said that she had confidence on me, then I check to my CCO Login. In process I closed my eyes, I don't dare to see it, but I see my number 23887, OH MY GOD, I PASS. NOW, I just want to relax, buy an XBOX Console and play all day :) Thanks again GS God Bless You All

- Mark Stephanus, CCIE #23887 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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