Marios Soulas, CCIE #46818


My career path has started in 2007 as a junior network engineer. At the same period I started my CCNA preparation. I took a full time course on a Cisco Networking Academy. I did the same for CCNP one year later. After that there was a period where I was trying to realize how big the gap was between CCNP and CCIE. Well believe me, it is huge. I started by collecting information about best books, preparation strategy, and tools needed in order to virtualize switching, etc. After collecting all these I started studying. I manage to pass my written exam on June 2014. Now it is time to find a good vendor with very good quality workbooks in order to start practicing. After some investigation I found that INE was behind each big success. I bought CCIE RSv5 workbooks and started labbing up. I never imagined before that there were people with such extensive knowledge at the expert level. I was wrong. Without INE workbooks I 'm 99% sure that I will never manage to pass the exam. The explanations and details in each section for each protocol were amazing. I took the lab exam in February 2015 in Brussels and I passed it (#46818). I'm very proud for it and I 'm sure it is worth it. My program was as follows: 1. Mon - Friday (INE lab version 4 and version 5 Troubleshooting) 2. Saturday - Sunday (INE LAB version 4 and 5 Configuration) I did this for 6 months every day. I was working (still working) on Service Provider environment and it was very hard to follow this program but finally, I did it. Special thanks to my family and to my girlfriend, Ola. With their support everything is possible. Now I enjoy my number and I already started training my brother Tom (CCNA - CCNP - Hopeful CCIE) in the field of networking. I am also thinking about CCIE Security or CCIE Data Center and of course I will use INE material again. Thanks a lot all of you and special thanks to INE.

- Marios Soulas, CCIE #46818 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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