Marios Soulas, CCIE #46818


My career path started in 2007 as a Junior Network Engineer. At the same time, I started my CCNA preparation. I took a full-time course on the Cisco Networking Academy. I did the same for CCNP one year later. After that there was a period where I was trying to realize how big the gap was between CCNP and CCIE. Well, believe me, it's huge. I started at first by collecting information about the best books, preparation strategies, and tools needed in order to virtualize switching, etc. After collecting all of these, I started studying. I managed to pass my written exam in June 2014. Now it was time to find a good vendor with very good quality workbooks in order to start practicing. After some investigation, I found that INE was behind each big success. I bought the CCIE RSv5 workbooks and started labbing up. I had never imagined that there were people with so much knowledge at an expert level. Without INE's workbooks, I'm 99% sure that I would have never been able to pass the exam. Explanations and details in each section for each protocol were amazing. I took the lab exam in February 2015 in Brussels and I passed it (#46818). I'm very proud of it and it sure was worth it. My program was as follows: 1. Mon - Friday (INE lab version 4 and version 5 Troubleshooting) 2. Saturday - Sunday (INE LAB version 4 and 5 Configuration) I did this for 6 months every day. I was working (still working) in a Service Provider environment and it was very hard to follow this program but finally, I did it. Special thanks to my family and to my girlfriend Ola. With their support, everything is possible. Now I'm enjoying my number and I've already started to train my brother Tom (CCNA - CCNP - Hope CCIE) in the field of networking. I'm thinking also about CCIE Security or CCIE Data Center, and of course, I will use INE's materials again. Any opinion in which section should I choose is welcome. Thanks a lot to all of you, and special thanks to INE!

- Marios Soulas, CCIE #46818 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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