Malick Ndiaye, CCIE #35565


Hello Brians, I wanted to let you know that I cleared the CCIE R&S in Brussels on Wednesday May 30th 2012. I am CCIE#35565. Man it's been a long journey with INE. From winning a INE scholarship in 2008, to attending a bootcamp in 2010 and having my profile posted in the blog for helping other people at, I think the only word that can fully express how I feel towards INE is "THANK YOU". INE instructors and employees are professional and it's not always about making money but about helping others become experts. I have solely relied on INE to prepare the CCIE. I would recommend, and I already have, anyone who, not only wants to get the 5 digits, but wants to become an expert and understand the nitty gritty of the protocols because in my opinion the goal at the end of the day is to be an expert in real life when being put on the spot on the day to day job. During the years I have seen INE evolved, and only to the BEST. Many training companies sold out to the Cisco 360 program, BUT you guys did not sell your client base but instead took the challenge of showing others that it's possible to make excellent training materials at very low price with the revolutionary techniques like the Open Lecture Series, Polymorphic Labs, Volume 4, OEQs, and lately the AAP. My favorite product besides the workbooks is definitely the Open Lecture Series. It really helped me understand many protocols. How Brian McGahan breaks the protocols down to the RFC level is just amazing. He takes a complicated RFCs and simplifies it to the CCNA level. I have used it many time during the years to fetch information. I hope you will start it for the other CCIE tracks. You two coming back to the front line of teaching is good, was needed and I have seen the positive change and the enthusiasm it has put back on the candidates. Well this is my two cents and I will post a detailed explanation at IEOC on how I used INE products over the years to pass the CCIE.

- Malick Ndiaye, CCIE #35565 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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