Mahinder Singh, CCIE #27485


finally after year of study and hardwork i have clear my CCIE exam in
bangalore ..i would thank INE for there invaluable suport through IEOC
community and there awesome product's which help not clearing exam
but provide you depth knowledge over several technologies .. Next
voice i am definitely after Mark snow :)

I have been actively studying for the CCIE DC for the past 6 months! Watched INE's ATC videos at least 3 times although time did not easily allow for it, but my determination helped. Later I jumped to INE Workbooks and did configs on notebook and tried to understand technologies either on Cisco PEC or INE's rack rental!!

I must say CCIE DC track was easy as I passed the exam :)
Those who are pursing, please watch the INE videos until you understand the technologies and then jump to the workbook. Brian and Mark taught very well and you can easily learn if you concentrate on their videos.

One more thing - use the IEOC forum to the max extent as people there are Einsteins. They are always posting good questions and answers. Read them!!

I wish all of you Best of Luck !! and you will see me in the IEOC forum.

This was my first attempt in SP , its dream come true being double CCIE , i really thanks INE for there IEOC blog and detailed material such Vol 1 and Vol 2 .

i recommend VOl 1 , Vol2 and CISCo gold lab practice atleast 3 times to completely understand the technology atleast for me!!

once again thanks INE and the IEOC user who keep posting question and answer!!


- Mahinder Singh, CCIE #27485 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Data Center)

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