Lovnish Sharma, CCIE #35950


Finally I got my number#35950 (Routing & Switching) after longtime of prepration. I started my prepration in 2010 when I started using the Cisco Press Routing & Switching book. Going through all the technologies in detail and setting up on the dynamips. Then I purchased the INE Dynamips version of labs that really helped me to work out on configuration lab. I would like to thank INE :) for providing such a kind of material that wont just help in passing CCIE but making one understand the technology in dept. Thats what required later on in professional market :-) Regarding troubleshooting section, I had to make the strategy because I failed my first attempt just because of time management & overspending too much time on the ticket till the time I solve it. When you are doing troubleshooting you have to be really fast and follow step by step troubleshooting technique. You should master the show commands for all the technologies that should provide you the network status. You should roughly spend max 10-12 minutes on each ticket, just skip the ticket if you are not able to solve in time, Remember if you have time in end then you could again come back to the ticket you could not solve. Dont let the tension build up in your mind just because you are not able to solve one ticket. If you overspend your time on one ticket then your time passess by too quickly and your tension grows...This time I followed my strategy in solving the faults, i.e. step by step problem solving techniques using the show commands effectively, keeping the note on time spend on the ticket, concentrate on the area of fault only, and at last coming back to the tickets that I skipped initially... So Now its time to relax for a while then get on the other tracks :-) Many thanks to INE !!! Cheers CCIE Routing & Switching#35950

- Lovnish Sharma, CCIE #35950 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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