Logan Lynn

#DevNet Associate

I took the Travis Bonfigli Python Programming for Network Engineers course during the December holiday and through early January. I ended up getting diagnosed with the flu around New Years Eve, which actually ended up being the perfect opportunity to lay in bed and study. I was able to knock out that monster of a course in around a month. I had taken programming classes in college and could suffer my way through writing Python, but there were a lot of gaps in my knowledge. After taking Travis' course, I now had the confidence to do what I wanted with Python and if I didn't know how to do something I knew enough to be able to go and teach myself how to do it. After completing several automation jobs at work (I'm a CUCM administrator) I decided this was a passion of mine and dove straight into studying for the DevNet associate. I passed the exam in late May of this year and have continued to put my new-found Python skills to use at work. It's been a game changer and has helped me solve problems that I never thought I would be able to. I think anyone who calls themselves a Network or Collaboration engineer should know how to code, and Travis' course is the best one I've found!

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