Leo Louis, CCIE #34722


Hi Guys, I am very happy and honored to share this great news that I cleared CCIE-DC in Brussels on 12th March, 2014 in my first attempt. I am already an R&S CCIE. So this is my second. The credit of this success goes to Brian McGahan for the very best CCIE DC Bundle which included Nexus, Storage & UCS as well as the Rack Rentals which helped me boost my confidence in each technology. I have nearly 10 years of experience in Networking (Data), a bit of hands on Nexus and Zilch on Storage & UCS. I was very excited when Cisco announced the CCIE DC track in 2012, as this was something new to learn and looked very exciting. When I started my preparation with the INE Bundle, I felt very comfortable with Nexus and I could grasp most of it. The rack rental practice on Nexus made me very confident. Then I took a break for 2 days and I knew I had to start Storage. Before I started Storage, I read the blog which Brian had written of the books you could read on Storage. I was really worried about both Storage & UCS as I had no clue how both worked or the packet flow in each. But Brian's lecture on Storage was the world's most amazing VoD anyone can get hold of. He explained everything so clear and precise that it vanished all my worries. I labbed the Storage and it boosted my confidence. "So guys who are new to Storage, dont worry - BRIAN MCGAHAN ROXXXX". Then came UCS the other main area of my concern. I had no clue about this box. I had only seen it in our Data center when our Voice team was implementing it for their CUCM. Mark started off by touching the key basic points, hardware architecture and in detail on the working and configuration of the UCS manager. For a guy like me who's new to UCS I had to go over and over a few times to really be comfortable with it. And definitely the UCSPE, free software from Cisco helped me to get a good grasp at it after constant practice. Mark Thank You for making it very simple & precise for all of us. A total of 6 months of dedication paid off 2 days back. And now I have returned back home to my family who is very happy and excited with my on this journey. Thank You INE. Thank You Brian & Mark for making my dream come true. Best Regards, Leo Louis CCIE#34722 (Route-Switch, Data Center)

- Leo Louis, CCIE #34722 (CCIE Data Center)

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