Leandro Domingues, CCIE #29765


All right I spend amost 6 mouths studying every day about 8 hours by Day on week days and on weekend like 12 hours a the mroning in my job I used to spend the morning on the Dynamapis (WB VOl 1) and after lunch speed up in the jobs ..I went twice in WB Vol 1 which is really amazing like changed my knowledge really in deep, while I finished WB Vol1 for the first time I start Vol 2 full labs, in the begging I was really scared because I could not get the points to pass I used to do lot o f minnor mistake on labs,,,never revise the labs and I was slow in configuration, after fisrt 10 labs I was very fast and finish the labs at 4 hours so I could GO back and revise, this is very important you always find stupid mistake, while I was doing labs WB vol 2 in the night I was going again to WB Vol 1 in the morning, this second time was really great like my mind got much better understand about all details of all Technologys,,QoS by Petr was fantastic especially all formulas and calculation,,, crazy his knowldge,,,,All Article from He wrote are amazing too . After that I start troubleshooting and still doing Vol 2 full labs, I did all labs from INE from Vol 2 and all 10 Labs Troubleshooting so I got really fast, it is very important be ready for all Technologies I passed in 28 Jul 2011 in my first attemp. Regards

- Leandro Domingues, CCIE #29765

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