Lance A Newell, CCIE #43724


I started my journey for the CCIE with INE in 2012. I used all 4 of the workbooks along with the ATC videos. I ended up also buying my own CCIE rack to practice the workbooks. I was not successful on my 1st attempt in June of 2012 and looking back I was just not ready and the first time jitters got to me. My second attempt was in March of 2014 and I thought that I was there but missed it just by a small margin so I made another attempt before the change to version 5.0 and was able to crack the code. I also used some of the INE full scale labs, and the troubleshooting labs which helped get used to the larger topology.

- Lance A Newell, CCIE #43724 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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