kok wei Bong, CCIE #30359


Dear INE, I am happy to share the great news that I passed CCIE R&S lab on 23th Sep at Hong Kong. I was able to success to tackle the lab wholly using self-paced method (workbook & VOD classes). INE workbook VOL 1 is pinnacle to my success, it help to build the strong foundation that allowed me to master every technologies (especially those that I don't really use in my work life). VOL 3 is quite important too that help me to build up my configuration speed & accurancy while strengthen my knowledge of the core technologes. VOL 2 need not to say, had contributed a lots to face the lab as a whole. Thanks again, Bong

- kok wei Bong, CCIE #30359 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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