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Kirill Klimakhin

CCIE Collaboration #56507
I am very excited to have had the opportunity to take part in INE’s Collaboration Bootcamp that was hosted by the very talented Rohit Pardasani. This class has been crucial to my pursuit of the CCIE Collaboration certification and I would never be this confident about passing the exam without this course. I’ve wanted to be a CCIE for a long time now. For me it's always been more about small personal goals; more than the bigger certification part of it, more so to push myself. When I first started working with Cisco products about 12 years ago, my boss told me, why don't you take the CCNA exam and see where you are just so you can get a feel for it, and I took it and I passed it. I thought it was a great exam for the time, for what I was involved with at that moment. As time went by and my job changed, that is when the idea of the CCIE came along, and so it was another milestone, another personal challenge for me. Just to validate to myself that I can still learn, and that I am still up to date with what's going on. To be counted among the top guys, you are seen as someone who actually understands the depth of putting a solution together. For me it's the validation value of this exam, during my studies I kept finding myself saying things like, "Oh, I've done this with this client before" and "Oh, that customer might see this very interesting." I think it's great that you are seen by Cisco as someone with an expert eye for things. I appreciate the knowledge that Rohit has provided me with during this intense course and all of his personal attention to each one of the students in his class. He took the time to explain each task, the solution and then broke down why each one of the configuration changes was required.

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