Kevin Kuhls, CCIE #27908


18 months of studying have finally come to a close. I can't tell you what a relief it is to move on with my life. I sat for the R&S lab January 11th. I knew I had it when I left the room. Without INE I really don't know what I would have done. The Volume I and II labs were HUGE. I went through all of them twice. And for those of you who have been studying a while don't forget to go back to Volume I and look at all the countless technologies. I also need to send a big to thank you to Marvin. I took his last Boot camp back in September and it opened my eyes to critical strategy and time management. I strongly advocate for the boot camps, especially the Mock lab boot camp. Not only is it a great replication of the lab experience, but you'll meet other eager studiers to motivate and study with. Thanks again and I can't wait till you get the new SP content online to keep this party going. Kevin Kuhls CCIE 27908

- Kevin Kuhls, CCIE #27908

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