Kevin Day, CCIE #48358


When I asked around about the best materials for CCIE training everyone I asked said INE. I'm so glad they did. My journey started in December 2013 and took a year and a half. I finally passed R&S after one failed attempt and countless hours of video watching and rack time. Special thanks to Brian M. for all the fantastic videos and all who participated in the workbook creation and blogs. I don't know how I would have done this without INE. Also incredible to again have Brian, Peter, Mark and all the wizards in the IEOC who helped me get through some sticky subjects. The lab was a test of speed, mental grit, strategy and technical knowledge. I'm amazed I don't have carpel tunnel. I hope this takes my career to the next level as much as it has done for my abilities. I'm taking a little vacation from studying but know I'll be back to INE for my next endeavor with Cisco training...whichever track that might be. Thanks again.

- Kevin Day, CCIE #48358 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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