Kent Heide, CCIE #26048


Hello folks! I passed my CCIE security lab on the 4th of May just days after finishing my bootcamp. I used INE material exclusively in my studies and did all my lab time on your racks as it was easier than setting up my own rack even though I have the equipment handy. I can say without hesitation that attenting the bootcamp was what lifted me to the passing score. Not necessarily because I wasn't technically ready, but having things explained from an instructor and the discussions on topics in class really sheds light on the weak points you might have. When sitting down in the lab I strictly followed the lab strategy which I developed at the bootcamp. I found that this was the key to success. Thanks to INE for an awesome bootcamp, especially Marvin the instructor. I will definetaly come back for my second track next year!

- Kent Heide, CCIE #26048 (CCIE Security)

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