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In 2014, I passed the written exam. I had to pass in order for my employer to buy my AAP. So then I got the AAP and started studying for the lab. I took the lab the following spring and failed miserably. I went back and did all the ATCs again and went back and failed again. I finally passed on my 8th attempt. I kept going back and working on my gaps, working on speed in my troubleshooting skills. I worked on my strategy...working on a ticket for 10 minutes and then moving on if I didn't get it. I worked on config labs 4 hours every night and every weekend from 8 to 5 I worked on a troubleshoot lab, diagnostics, then config, and after dinner, I studied my gaps. INE has all the material to study these different areas. INE was my main source of material. I did all the ATCs several times. I did 2 bootcamps with Dave Smith. I used the rack rentals, and someone gave me a copy of IOU web so I did labs wherever I went. In every spare minute I listened to the videos on any lab that i was working on . It took me 2.5 years, but I finally made it. I passed on May 31st 2017 in San Jose. I'm CCIE # 56460. Thanks a lot, INE!!! If I were to do it differently, I would study the written and the hands on lab at the same time, but my situation did not allow that, so I did what I could. I had a good study partner who actually passed a year before me but still kept encouraging me and mentoring me. It really helps a lot to have a study partner. Good luck to everyone studying and don't give up.

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