Karthik Murali, CCIE #28764


Finally after 10 months, more than 900 hours of rack time and a tough job of convincing my managers to buy IE workbook, I have finally made it by acquiring my digits. Not to forget my daily hassels at work. But after all this the feeling of being a CCIE itself gives me the sense of Fullfilment, but my journey will continue as SP is my next goal. I take this opportunity to thank the Brians's to develop such excellent products at internetworking experts especially their Class on Demand. COD has helped me in clearing my doubts technology wise and I made it a point to go through it again and again till it became clear in my head. The workbook is an excellent piece of volume and after doing these labs makes you feel confident on taking the real lab. Karthik Murali, CCIE #28764 - CCIE Routing & Switching

- Karthik Murali, CCIE #28764 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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