Ka Ping Harry Chan, CCIE #34740


Today I passed my lab (CCIE R&S). I've been a customer of INE since 2008; At that time the blue-print was still the V3.0, I used the Vol-I to gain fundamental knowledge and skills. Due to family and personal matters I decided to pause my study. Last June I decide to put myself back on track and I discover the game has changed entirely with the V4.0 blueprint. Under the investment protection program of INE, I have been given access to most of the updated workbook to continue my study. Workbook Vol-I and vol-II are amazing; I'd say they covered more than enough of the technical knowledge that you need for passing the lab exam. "Labbing everything" in the workbook would be difficult for someone with poor time management as the contents are just too much. Troubleshooting section is very challenging, it really is, be well-prepared. Even after passing the lab, INE resources will be my forever library when I need reference in my daily job. I recommend INE to every engineer. Ka Ping Harry Chan - CCIE # 34740

- Ka Ping Harry Chan, CCIE #34740 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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