Julio Carvajal, CCIE #42930


I started this journey 10 months ago. While I was deciding what workbooks to use to study and what videos to watch, I came across a demo of the INE work and I have to admit, that showed me INE was the best option available on the market. After 10 months of hard work watching all of the videos over and over, doing all of the Workbooks (I,II,III) I finally felt ready and before the test, I took 3 mock labs that in fact showed me I was good to go. Yesterday I took the test and I am happy to say I am a CCIE!!! Thank you INE for preparing us on getting such a great accomplishment. You guys know what you are doing.

- Julio Carvajal, CCIE #42930 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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