Juan Flores Cibrian


In networks there are many obstacles, always from the beginning, in a challenging world of learning and dreams that are yearned to be fulfilled. In my life, since I became certified, my life has changed. If it hadn't been for INE and their great instructors, I couldn't have done it. Before, I lived frustrated, and it was complex to be able to understand the subjects well, but I did not have an expert guide that could really explain what I longed to understand. Thanks to INE, I was able to do it and now I have CCNP Enterprise, 4 CCSP and thanks to the wonderful courses, I am preparing my CCIE SP. In my work, it has had a significant impact since professional growth is the most important thing, and it is reflected in all areas. Thanks, INE, and thanks to all the amazing instructors and professionals who have made all of this possible, I thank you!

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