Joseph Yohannan, CCIE #17874


I passed the lab yesterday at RTP on my second attempt! I first got CCNA in December 2000. I finally obtained CCNP certification in May 2005. I passed the written exam in July 2006. I used the two "routing TCP/IP" books (which I think are essential prep material) along with the Cisco CCIE exam cert guide to prepare for the written ... I purchased Internetwork Expert CoD along with the R&S lab workbook. The Brians are awesome instructors and cleared up everything I wasn't sure about. I did some lab work the past few months but not a whole lot. I'm very comfortable with the IOS and have been usiing it daily for over 7 years so I didn't need so much practice as much as theory. Coming up to the lab date I mostly studied the Internetwork expert labs, studied the doc cd inside out, and listened to classes that I thought I needed.

- Joseph Yohannan, CCIE #17874 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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