Joseph Llamas, CCIE #37594


With a great sense of relief, I am very glad to say that I passed my CCIE lab in HK last November 8, 2012 and am proud to be a product of Internetwork Expert. For the CCIE written exam, i relied heavily on INE Class on demand videos, INE Vol1, and GNS3 self labs using Cisco Doc CD. When I passed my written exam, I scheduled right away my lab exam - 7 months after I passed my written. I started to purchase a lot of tokens for the rack rental and started using INE Workbook vol 1 everyday for 5 months straight. I did vol 1 twice and then proceeded to vol 2 full scale labs. Vol 3 and 4 enhances my speed and accuracy on core technologies and troubleshooting skills which is very critical in passing the lab. Before starting my quest for CCIE, I thought I know a lot of things already. But as I start to use INE workbook, I became humble and admit that there are really a lot of topics that I didn't know yet. And that is what I love with INE products - it covered almost everything in the CCIE blueprint, it's full and rich with knowledge, very detailed and yet light, soft and easy to understand. I am just very amazed and speechless on how this product were conceptualize and put together in a very detailed, structured and easy to understand manner. I should say that using INE material in preparation for the CCIE lab is a prerequisite not only in passing the CCIE exam but also on becoming an expert in real life. I thank God for bringing INE to make these helpful materials and for blessing the INE mentors and experts with wisdom and kind heart to share their wonderful knowledge to other people - indeed they are experts in making experts. - Joseph Llamas, CCIE #37594 R&S

- Joseph Llamas, CCIE #37594 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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