Jose Ramirez Stambuk, CCIE #29211


I got my CCIE RS #29211 after four attempts and a re-read. In May 2009 I purchased the program CCIE 2.0 and the Mock Labs Bootcamp which I attended in August of that year in Reno, my first attempt was V3 in September just some weeks before Cisco changed the version of the lab, was very closed to pass this version. Then I returned six months later in March 2010 to try luck with V4, after have been studying very hard, the result was worse than my first attempt, the change was too great in difficulty. In May 2010 I started an MBA and it was very difficult to combine the study, but gradually I found the time. In January 2011 I attended to Chicago's Bootcamp week 2 taught by Petr. In February 2011 I took the lab for third time and I was very close to pass, I knew I had to return as quickly as possible, I continued studying to improve my weak points, in May 12 I took the lab for LAST time, when I finished the lab I was confident that I finally got it, but when I got my notes Cisco said NO. I was convinced that I passed so I submitted a re-read, after one month of waiting on June 10 I received a mail were they changed my status from fail to PASS!!! Now I finally feel free and ready to enjoy this success. For my study I used workbooks Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, video-on-demand Advanced Troubleshooting, Open Lectures and Advanced Technologies. Thanks INE.

- Jose Ramirez Stambuk, CCIE #29211 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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