Jonel Mawirat, CCIE #48720


I just got out of college and the company that I worked for as an intern hired me. In my preparation for CCIEv4 I used INE Rack rentals. It was great to simulate everything but nothing beats the real deal. INE's rack rental was really fast and did help me experience every topic in the blue print. Name it and INE's rack supports it. I failed in my first and second attempt.... Failing was the hardest experience in my career... I rested for about 6 months after my last attempt and started preparing again... This time I told myself "This will be the last time" By Jesus' grace my company was generous enough to let me have study leave for about 2 months. I dedicated all my extra time after office and during office hours to practice practice and practice. For the 2 months leave that my company gave me I practiced more than 12 hours a day (Messed up my wrist because of that) During my 2 months leave, 7:30 am I woke up, me and my girlfriend read the bible and spent all my time studying. I really am grateful for INE's free blog post. Specially NTP, PPP and DMVPN articles were really helpful. But the most important thing is that I passed my exam not because of my own knowledge but because Jesus was there for me to help me along the way.

- Jonel Mawirat, CCIE #48720 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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