Joel Sprague, CCIE #52000


I decided to get my CCIE several years ago when I looked around and realized that somewhere along the line I became one of the senior guys that I always assumed a CCIE holder was, though I still can?t pinpoint the day where my skills and experience crossed that threshold. Talking it over with my wife and a friend who has had his CCIE for more than a decade, I decided to put the time and effort forth to get the CCIE Data Center for myself.

INE, and specifically the IEOC forums, were a huge part of my study and preparation. Being able to not just ask questions I had, but answer other people's questions, and really drive myself to be sure I knew the material so I made sure I gave the right answers, was a huge part of being able to pass the lab. It took me several tries, but it was well worth the effort, to be able to advance my career and ensure I can take care of my family.

- Joel Sprague, CCIE #52000 (CCIE Data Center)

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